Monday, June 27, 2016

Perfectly Imperfect....

How many times have you realized that something was perfect as it is, even though what could be considered an important item to have was missing?  Mark and I were out for dinner one night at a place with an outdoor patio that faces a plaza and fountain. It was lovely sitting outside enjoying the wonderful food and beautiful weather. As we were finishing dinner, we noticed a dog with a wheeled contraption supporting his back end, but with no back legs. That pup was as happy as he could be with his tail wagging while people would stop and be allowed to pet him. He was missing his back legs, but he is perfect just as he is. He did not seem to realize he was missing anything at all.  He inspired me to open my mind and recognize more opportunity to accept some things are perfect, even if they seem imperfect. When we are missing something, do we feel at peace or do we feel anxious because not all the parts are there?  Do we give ourselves permission to consider another way to see the situation is acceptable the way it is?

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